Trash Truck Parts And Supplies

Apex Trash Trucks Parts Integration

The Apex Equipment brand is quickly becoming synonymous with the waste industry term trash trucks for sale. And with that, we are moving forward, with our continuing mission, to make Apex Equipment the one stop shop for waste and recycling companies around the globe. It has long been our goal, to not only make sure that refuse companies get the best used trash trucks their money can buy, but to also provide the peripheral supplies that come with owning and maintaining a trash truck.

Apex Equipment is proud to introduce our Trash Truck Parts and Products division. Apex will be providing parts and products from some of the top name manufacturers in the world. Not only will an Apex customer be able to buy high quality pre-owned trash trucks with a warranty, but they will also be able to buy the parts they need to repair and maintain their current fleet, whether it be one trash truck, or one hundred trash trucks. The best part, Apex Parts and Products division will also be backed by the acclaimed Apex customer service, making sure Apex clients get all the help they need locating and securing the right trash truck parts and products for their fleet.

 Parts Division Access

The Apex Equipment trash truck parts division’s communication support system has been divided into two branches.
1.) Telephone access to the Apex Equipment parts department will be available at the Apex main toll free line, 877-919-0101. Callers will be greeted by a live representative from the Apex staff, this will allow us to make sure a customer’s call is passed rapidly to the parts department, and that the customer care process is handled expeditiously. As always our knowledgeable staff will assist callers in finding the trash truck parts they need.
2.) Web access to the Apex Equipment parts department is made available via the Apex website. The trash truck parts section of the website will start with a general parts section,  and then, be broken into,
a.) Manufacturer Section, to make it easy for website visitors to readily navigate to the trash truck parts they need, based on the part manufacterer.
b.) Part Type, which gives our website visitors categories of types, such as roll off hoist parts, or hooklift hoist parts.
c.) Part Search, which allows our website visitors to type in specific keywords, and find the parts they need.
There will be a secure shopping cart for quick and easy purchasing. This will allow our customers to get their parts orders out even quicker. The Apex trash truck parts catalog will also have as much information about each part as possible, to help clients choose the right part the first time.

At Apex Equipment, we aunderstand how busy and demanding a business can be. Every service and product we implement is with the intent of making our clients business run smoother, for them and their employees.